Errand Running House Cleaning
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On-Demand: Tell us what you want done. Runners are on it within 10 minutes! Stress-Free Scheduling: Tell us what you want cleaned and schedule a time on the availability calendar. Prices are quoted instantly based on what you want cleaned.
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Complete Source: Errandly will run any errand for $25/hour, everyday between 9am to 7pm. No need to deal with the headache of 20 different services. Green: Only the best, green cleaning supplies are used so as to keep your family and your pets safe.
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Kept In the Loop: See where your Runner is on the map, and stay in touch with messages if anything comes up. Guaranteed Results: If you aren’t fully satisfied with the cleaning, we’ll come back and clean for free. We just ask that you let us know within 24 hours.
An Awesome Team: We’ve only hired the Runners and Cleaners who we would want for ourselves. Each Runner and Cleaner is extensively vetted for quality, background-checked, trained, bonded and insured. Each Cleaner must also pass rigorous cleaning exams to meet our quality standards.